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Our amazing resource centre incorporates many different rooms that we have designed to support the difficulties that children and young people with ASD struggle with.

Sensory Zone

Our sensory zone has been designed to ensure that your child or young persons sensory development is a focus. The sensory zone incorporates a room full of interactive equipment to ensure not only is it a somewhere to chill out but also to explore and have fun too.

Games Room

Which child or young person doesn’t like gaming?  The games provides 4 game consoles and gaming chairs so that your child or young person can be comfortable and enjoy playing with others, the games room is used as a tool to encourage sharing and taking turns especially with younger children.

Multi-Function Room

This large area can be used for many different activities, and even fits a small bouncy castle for birthday parties, this room also can be used for sports, arts & crafts, therapies, meetings etc and even includes a fantastic interactive floor and wall panel.

Counselling Suite

This room has been designed to ensure that a safe zone is provided for our children and young people.  This space will ensure that children and young people have an environment that is calming and relaxing.

Training Room

This large room is ideal for meeting, planning or just having some movie time with our young people.  The large room includes a smarter surfaces wall for writing on or drawing some amazing art pieces.  The room also includes a television that can be used for presentations.

Role Play Room

For smaller children, this room supports imaginary play, with a pretend home furniture, a shop and dress up facilitates, this is a fantastic way of encouraging our younger children to be involved in group or individual activities.

Outdoor Play Area

This area is forever developing its great to just sometimes let the children and young people outside to burn off some of that extra energy.  We currently have outside play equipment and a sensory garden where the can just take time so sit and reflect.

Life Skills Facilities

This state of the art kitchen has been designed not just for adult use, but also for children and young people and includes a wheel chair friendly area.  It is important for the children and young people to learn life-skills including cooking, tidying up and sometimes just how to safely make a cup of tea.

Interactive Floor and Wall

Our Interactive Floor and Wall panels allows you to easily create and manage a wide variety of interactive displays for fun and educational purposes.

It also Supports motion, gesture, or touch interaction it is full of Pre-made games for our children and young people to play with.

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