Our volunteers support families each week through youth activities.

The activity clubs develop a child or young persons strength, they work closely to develop how to make friends, how to communicate, sensory activities and lifeskills that well help our children when they are older.

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Feel Good Womens Group

Informal weekly sessions for women whose children have a diagnosis of ASD or have a pre-diagnosis.  The weekly Friday morning session offers help and support while enjoying various activities including crafts, cookery, flower arranging and keep fit etc.  The kettle is always on and our mums are always ready to help with support.

Support Sessions

We develop these sessions from feedback from the parents, and therefore sessions are forever evolving to suit the child & young persons needs.  We work closely with trained facilitators to ensure that the child or young persons feel supported through challenging times.

Social Groups

From our formation, we have provided weekly social groups that are provided for subscribed members of Helping Hands, these sessions provide social communication, play skills, sensory integration and life skills to children and young people with ASD and their siblings.  We also arrange summer outings which are offered to the families of our subscribed social group members.

Parent Toddlers Group

These sessions are open to anyone with a toddler in the local community, these sessions are fun, creative and engaging.  Families do not have to have any diagnosis of ASD, they are simply for everyone who wishes to join us and use our centre.  Toddlers also are provided with a health snack and sometimes a sing along.

Birthday Party Rentals

As parents, we realise the difficulties that ASD children and young people may have with larger nosier venues to have their birthday party.  Our centre is therefore available for hire to ensure your family has a calming, fun and interactive celebration.  Prices and availability can be requested by contacting us via the contact form.

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