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Why fit in... when you were born to stand out!

Helping Hands charity aims to include parents, siblings, carers and families in everything we do.

Activities, programmes and support available

Our volunteers support families with children & youth activities each week. We run weekly sessions for different age groups from primary 1 right up to adult.

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Sensory Zone

Our sensory zone has been designed to insure that your child or young persons sensory development is a focus. The sensory zone incorporates a room full of interactive equipment to ensure not only is it a somewhere to chill out but also to explore and have fun too.

Games Room

Which child or young person doesn’t like gaming? The games provides 4 game consoles and gaming chairs so that your child or young person can be comfortable and enjoy playing with others, the games room is used as a tool to encourage sharing and taking turns especially with younger children.

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The Autism Resource Centre is supported by the Space & Place Programme a Big Lottery supported initiative made possible thanks to National Lottery players.

The Centre is a testament to the power of volunteers who through their lived experience had a passion and a vision to develop a Centre which presented opportunities for children diagnosed with ASD and their families to access a range of new services under one roof which are crucial to enhancing their quality of life.

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